About the Program

The newest tool added to the U.S. Virgin Islands’ economic development arsenal is the trade zone program, which offers tax incentives to qualifying businesses that operate within the designated area of St. Croix’s south shore.  This zone boasts within it over 300 acres of relatively flat greenfield space with electrical, water, sewer, fiberoptics and telephone utilities already on site, deep water ports, and warehouse space directly on the Henry E. Rohlsen Airport. Indeed, the trade zone will usher in an era of increased business activity in St. Croix to include transshipment, manufacturing and other heavy industry.


The U.S. Virgin Islands is poised to enjoy an economic boom. This app will provide stakeholders, potential investors, and partners with critical information regarding the assets and opportunities that can be found in the trade zone. The trade zone’s tax incentives will transform the Territory into a world-class center of trade and commerce, pave the way to improving the quality of life and place for residents, and strengthen the USVI’s reputation as a destination that everyone would want to live, work, and play.

Airport Runway
0 ft
Port Draft
0 ft
Commercial Land
0 + acres

Eligible Activities




Export & Import including handling, sorting, measuring, packing, labeling, and/or marking

Transportation & Forwarding

Fairs & Expositions

Hotel, conference & training facilities


Financial & credit services, government center (EXIM, Commerce, Customs), Training center, Think tank

Made In the USA

As an unincorporated United States Territory, the U.S. Virgin Islands has all the benefits of being a Caribbean location with key U.S. benefits.


This unique territory status enables St. Croix, St. John, St. Thomas and Water Island to utilize U.S. currency, courts and flag protection. Local affairs are led by the Governor and Legislature. Being within a U.S. jurisdiction also provides the following benefits to companies operating in the islands:

  • “Made in USA” labeling
  • Shipping advantages
  • Duty-free imports
  • Duty free and quota free exporting of USVI-made goods into the U.S.
  • No state or territory tax

World Class Transportation

The Virgin Islands is served by two international airports with cargo and passenger flights to the US and Europe.


International Airports

The Virgin Islands is served by two international airports with cargo and passenger flights to the US and Europe.


Jones Act Exemption

The Virgin Islands is exempt from the Jones Act. There are regular connections to Panama Canal, US, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

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World Class Port

The Virgin Islands is home to one of the Caribbean’s top cruise ship ports


Up to 20-year tax exemptions

Income Tax
0 %
Custom Duties
0 %
Excise Tax
0 %
Gross Receipts
0 %
Property Tax
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